Hair Donation-Friendly Salons

Some organizations have a salon locator so that people who are interested in donating can find a salon that is approved by/affiliated with the organization. (Or they may not trust their salon to make the proper cut.) For example, Wigs For Kids have two kinds of salon programs: Affiliate Salons and Ambassador Salons.

Affiliate Salons

  • They work with the organization to measure and fit hair pieces to hair donation recipients
  • Salons are partners of the organization and are/will be Certified Service Providers
  • There are no benefits/discounts for people donatingNearest Affiliate Salons (to me):
  • Trenell LeShelle Hair & Makeup Studio (Wigs for Kids)

Ambassador Salons

  • Works with the organization and provide discounts or free haircuts for people donating
  • Spreads awareness, support financially (fundraisers) and collect ponytails
  • Benefits can range from discounts to free haircutsNearest Ambassador Salons (to me):
  • New Look Institute (Wigs for Kids)
  •  Precision Cutz (Locks of Love)

Your choice of organization will determine your options because some organizations, such as childrenwithhairloss do not have participating salons while Wigs for Kids has many. However, it depends on your location. Locks of Love does not have a list of their participating salons (but if a salon has a LoL decal sticker, then they are a participating salon.) However, if you want to be absolutely sure they are affiliated with the organization, you can give the salon a call or check their website for more information! RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!