InDesign Project

This is a six panel and two fold brochure I created in Adobe InDesign about Trichotillomania (also known as the Hair Pulling Disorder). I got most of my information from medical sites such as TLC Foundation and Mental Health America.  The images are all from Unsplash. I chose the color scheme based on the colors found in my filtered and edited photo from the second panel because it was the most unusual and difficult to match with than any other photo.

I included various information and facts about Trichotillomania such as the causes, treatment and reported cases. I wanted to design a simple and informative brochure that was not intimidating for anyone to read. I also wanted it to work as a series (of informational brochures) that may be found in a medical setting such as a hospital or a doctor’s office.

(Click the images in order to view in full size)

evong-brochure3 evong-brochure32