Getting Involved

There are many other ways to get involved beside donating hair so don’t worry! Every organization lists a few ways in order to help!

Monetary/Financial Donations:

  • Typically, money that is donated will help offset the cost of wig manufacturing and lessen the stress on the families. However, this may vary on the organization of your choosing, whether it is a non-profit or for-profit. Some organizations may allow you to sponsor a child, so that your donation will go to one special child in need who will have a wig designed specifically for them. (For example: Wigs for Kids and Wigs 4 Kids)


  • You can register with your organization of choice to officially hold an event for them in your very own city or town!  In doing so, you can collect hair donations or monetary donations for the organization.


  • Non-profit organizations typically invest the money made through the organization back into their organization. Therefore, the staff may be limited and will require help with data entry or accepting the vast amount of hair donations being sent in.  Registration with the organization may be required before being accepted.


  • Programs may be available through the organization which may collect monetary donations for building a wellness center to provide services and information for children and families. Programs may be more specific in their cause or the groups involved (For example: the Girl Scouts Volunteer program.)

Purchasing Merchandise:

  • Organizations may also have shops to sell merchandise such as shirts, hats or bags with the logo, organization name or even a relevant design. The money made from the shops can also be used to offset wig manufacturing costs.

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