Winter Hair Care Tips

Well, it is starting to feel like Fall/Winter in California now which means dry lips and dry hands. (AND HAIR!) We have a tendency to not notice our hair being affected by the weather change since we are used to touching things with our hands or talking to people so we immediately feel how dry our lips or hands are. However, our hair needs a little TLC during this rough season as well.

  1. Drink water
    This seems to always be a solution for a human body related problem. We may turn to hot drinks during this time to keep warm but we should not neglect to drink water daily because everything is frozen. Keep that hair hydrated and healthy!
  2. Moisturize that hair
    Your hair is likely in need of even more moisture since the cold is just sucking it dry once you step out of the house. Deep conditioning every week or so will replenish, repair and strengthen hair which will keep it from breaking and drying out significantly. (Also, its always nice to treat your hair every now and then!)
  3. Dry your hair before you step out
    It will actually take longer for your hair to dry and if your hair freezes it can lead to breakage. Keep the breakage to a minimum and towel dry your hair or blow-dry before you leave the house!
  4. Keep heat styling to a minimum
    As always, heat styling can lead to breakage in hair. However, even in cold weather, it may push you to amp up the heat in order to keep the style you’re going for that day which will be a price your hair and scalp pays. The heat can end up drying out your hair and scalp which is definitely not what you want in cold weather.

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