Permanent Hair Dye

As the word “permanent” implies, this hair dye is longer lasting than temporary and semi-permanent dye. The permanent hair dye is able to change the natural color of the hair (whether lightening or darkening.)

  • The formula allows the color molecules to penetrate the hair cuticle and leave a permanent color deposit.
  • Since the formula is stronger, it is longer lasting and provides better coverage for gray hair.
  • The formula is typically stronger because it contains ammonia which opens up the hair cuticle and/or an oxidizer or developer (like hydrogen peroxide)  to make it easier to alter the natural hair color.
  • Typically, permanent dyes need to be left on longer and can be more damaging to hair due to the ammonia affecting their hair cuticles.

It is really important to do your research before dyeing your hair if you have never done it before. Talk to a professional such as your hair stylist because they know your hair and can explain the process and how to care for it after. Permanent hair dye is a commitment and will require some maintenance in order to maintain the color and ensure your hair is not too damaged. Also, just a reminder, that this may eliminate your hair for donation so check with the organization’s requirements!

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