Temporary Hair Dyes

Hair dyes seem like a permanent thing and many would hesitate at the idea of going from blonde to brown or putting some purple at the ends of your hair for a pop of color. However, there are various options available so that you do not have to commit immediately. There are three different kinds of dyes you can try. I will break them into 3 separate posts so that I can go into some detail about each one. First, is temporary hair dyes.

As it sounds, the hair dye is temporary. Most products can last from 1 day through several days. It seems to depend on the product and how often you wash your hair. The most common temporary hair dyes would be hair chalk, spraychalk. Typically, it is easier for light hairs such as blonde hair, because the color of the dye/chalk sticks to it better and the color is more true. What makes it temporary is that, the chemicals do not actually affect the inner layer of your hair, therefore leaving it undamaged. it only applies to the top layer of your hair, which is which it comes off so easily.

Personally, I have never tried dyeing my hair in any way. Hair chalk seems like a good alternative but I think I would want more lasting results. I also have dark brown hair, so I do not think that there would be much color payoff. I am no expert so I cannot guarantee that anyone will have good or bad results. Try at your own risk but I want to reiterate that you should do research before buying ANY dyes. Be cautious because the chemicals in the chalk or dye may affect your hair badly or damage it. You can try to talk to your hair stylist about it and get their opinion or check out some reviews online!

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