October Hair Update

I have hit the middle of the semester-ish so I wanted to give a hair update and show my progress! From the last time I measured, I was around 10 inches. However, I just gave myself a quick trim since it has been a while and I wanted to “refresh my ends” a bit. I try not to cut too much so I use thinning shears from Daiso Japan. They are about $1.50  or $3.00. (They also have a layering tool that is also pretty great and for about $1.50; I used it very often when I used to have side bangs because my hair grew out quickly). Currently, my hair is about 10.5 inches (give or take). I have some layers that are about 11 inches, but I will go with 10.5 inches to be safe.

My hair is still (slowly) growing, I can not really say it is because of the Hair Skin & Nails vitamins. It seems like typical hair growth since I grew about half an inch. It almost feels like when you watch a clock in class, hoping for time to move faster. I feel like that applies to hair growth. Also, now that it is starting to get cold in California, I can get away with not washing my hair for two days (yay). I also just switched to Herbal Essences Smooth Shampoo  because I ran out of my regular shampoo. It smells really pleasant and foams up really well! (However, it does not have a strong scent after wash unlike the newer Herbal Essence shampoos). My hair feels very clean after using the shampoo but I am not sure about the smoothness. (my hair was already smooth to begin with).

Overall, hair growth seems like it is going at a normal pace. Hair has not had any issues so that is great! I will update again in two months or if there is significant growth!

[Side note: Daiso Japan’s online store only accepts orders in bulk, so try to find a store near you to buy things individually.]