Why Organization Research is Important

I know, a lot of us do not want to do research about anything outside of school sometimes because we just want to accept things as they are. When it comes to high school and college, you gotta cite your sources and cite them properly: MLA, APA, Chicago etc. It’s repetitive and exhausting when you have a lot of sources. But the sources is what makes the information reliable and makes you a credible writer. Just doing basic research will help you learn and make you a little smarter.

There are a lot of organizations that accept hair donations but all have varying missions, goals and required qualifications.  Looking into some organizations will ensure that your hair won’t get rejected for avoidable reasons such as hair being too short, having too many grey hairs, or having color treated hair.  You do not want all that effort and time of meticulously growing your hair to go to waste instead of being made into a wig. Go over the qualifications once and then go over them again. Not every organization has the same qualifications so although your hair may not be accepted by one organization it could be accepted by another! If there is a website, look over their Frequently Asked Questions page to get some ideas of who they are and what questions/answers that you may have that could have been answered already! Be open-minded and get some options before you pick the only one you know. Head on over to my Organization subpage to get some names and info on some organizations that may fit you and your hair.