My Hair Maintenance

Hello again! I just wanted to share my hair maintenance products and how I “take care” of my hair so that you can get some ideas or think about your hair maintenance.  First, I want to state that not everyone may have the same hair and so my products and methods may not work for everyone! For instance, I typically can go a maximum of 3 days without washing my hair (that’s when it begins to get oily and I just feel gross) So, experiment with hair washing so you can know your “limits.” Washing your hair everyday is not good for your hair because it strips it of natural oils that you produce that actual help your hair!

The shampoo I use is the Head & Shoulder’s almond oil 2-in-1 dandruff shampoo + conditioner.  Honestly, my dad buys them in bulk at Costco so our whole family uses it and I do not have any special hair type that requires a special shampoo.  (Also, the almond oil smells REALLY GOOD!) I wash/massage my scalp and wash down to about halfway and give my ends a slight massage before rinsing because the ends of your hair do not need as much attention as your scalp and when you rinse, the soap will wash our your ends anyways.

Every couple of days, I like to treat my hair when it seems to need some TLC with the Garnier Sleek and Shine leave-in conditioner cream. (I originally had the Garnier Sleek and Shine conditioner to match originally but I had finished it already) The Sleek and Shine leave-in conditioner is meant to restore your dry hair and frizzy hair so that your hair will be, well… sleek and shiny! The last product I use is the CHI Silk Infusion – Silk Reconstructing Complex it is a leave-in treatment that protects your hair from heat styling tools. It also strengthens your hair leaves your hair shiny and soft! I switch between the Garnier leave-in conditioner and the CHI Silk Infusion every now and then (I never use both in the same day) I typically apply one after my hair dries a bit (moist not damp) so that it can still adhere to it.

Those are about all the products I use to maintain and care for my hair. I do not brush my hair often since brushing too often damages it (and my hair does not get unruly unless I just woke up from a nap) Since my hair has gotten very long, I tie my hair up often into a ponytail because it gets in the way while I work but otherwise, I try to leave my hair down when I can so I can avoid breakage and stress on my hair.  Just remember, drink plenty of water and be kind to your hair!