Why Did I Pick Wigs for Kids

If you are interested in donating your hair, do some research and find an organization that you feel comfortable and confident in. Ask yourself: do you agree with their methods? Are they honest? Do they charge for wigs? Are they unethical? Donating your hair is a big deal, especially for a child. Make sure that it’s an organization that will do right by these kids and families. With all this in mind, I decided to donate my hair to Wigs for Kids. (not to be confused for Wigs 4 Kids) I had only heard of one other organization which was Locks of Love, however, there was a scandal regarding Locks of Loves in 2013 (I will go over this in another post) but after getting reading through some articles, I no longer wanted to donate to Locks of Love.

Once I began to research more organizations, I liked how simple Wigs for Kids’ website was designed (the graphic designer in me was so happy!) It was easy to find information, the color scheme was pleasing and the text was a good size and legible. They are very proud of how far they have come and update their website with upcoming events or stories from kids that received the donated wigs. They seem very transparent and have yet to have a bad incident (that I know of.)

However, their requirements are stricter and more specific than many other organizations (12 inch ponytail & no bleached/permed/highlighted hair) Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths only requires a minimum of 8 inches (cannot be color treated or bleached & no more than 5% gray hair.) I have 8 inches already grown out but I want to donate my hair to a “legitimate” non-profit organization that I know will make it their mission to create a beautiful wig for a child suffering with hair loss. I believe I still have another 3 inches to go so I am really excited to be donating in like 4 months (HOPEFULLY, CROSS YOUR FINGERS!)