Styling Hair with No Heat

photo-1472747624745-ce92d32d3c24Some people hate the fact that they have to reduce or stop styling their hair to prevent frying it. I enjoy curling my hair from time to time but I would rather not curl my hair at all so I do not risk damaging it (preventing my donation.) HOWEVER, for anyone who still wants to style their hair then I have a few products/methods that can still help you look even cuter without the heat.

  • Braiding
    • One of the simpler ways to style hair and also with many styles: 3 strand, fish braid, dutch braid and so on. You can actually achieve a “curled/wavy” look by braiding your hair after showering (or dampening) and leaving it for several hours or just sleeping. After that, remove the hair ties and your hair should be nice and wavy~ Depending on hair types, the wait time may vary so experiment with time span to figure out what works well for you!
  • Rollers
    • Rollers have been used for billions of years (just kidding!) but they have been around for a while. There are various rollers which can curl depending on your preference (loose curls, tight curls, big curls.) There are brush rollers,  (good for fine hair & tight curls) foam rollers (good for sleeping in & easier on the hair) and flexible rollers (good for bouncy/spiral curls.) Typically can be found in any store with a hair section (or online.)
  •  Do It Yourself
    • However, if you are feeling creative (or are just a creative person) and do not have a lot of money, you can also make your own rollers! There are numerous tutorials online using different everyday items to achieve effortless curls without breaking the bank. For example, dish sponges (secretlifeofabionerd) or even brown paper bags (Michelle Phan) ! Each tutorial can have different effects on hair so experiment and find what works for you.
  • Miscellaneous
    • These are products I have used so I feel confident talking about it rather than mentioning other products. The first is foam rollers but STRAWBERRY SHAPED! They are adorable and work more as a.. novelty item rather than being functional. I recommend people with short hair to try it because long hair would be too heavy and the rollers would unravel (I know from personal experience.)
    • Next is a sea salt texturizing spray from Not Your Mother’s which is meant to give your hair “beachy” waves as if you have been to the beach recently. It has a strong scent and unless you have short/medium hair, you would need a lot. I had bought a smaller sized bottle at Ulta to try out and it did not work for my hair that well (I have a lot of hair and it was pretty long.) ALSO, the sea salt actually dries up your hair, so I would recommend not using it too often.

Lastly, if you feel that these products/methods do not work for you, then invest in a heat protectant and spray it into your hair every time you plan on using a styling tool (blow dryer, straightener or curling iron/wand.) PROTECT THOSE LOCKS!